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Mike Woods, B.Comm, CFP®, CLU, CH.F.C., CHS
Regional Director
Mike Woods | Freedom 55 Financial | Mississauga ON

Freedom 55 Financial’s goal is to provide a unique professional atmosphere that allows "career changing entrepreneurs" to grow their practice and develop personally while flourishing in the financial services industry. We take great pride in making a meaningful, measurable difference in the financial lives of financial security advisors, and through them, their clients.

I joined Great-West Life in 1998 after completing an honours degree in commerce from the University of Guelph. In my early career, I worked with financial security advisors as an insurance expert in advanced markets. In 2003, I became a director, business development with Freedom 55 Financial and began helping financial security advisors develop their prospecting and marketing skills.

In 2010, I was appointed director, advisor productivity and development where I focused on helping newer financial security advisors who have been in the business for four years or less. In 2013, I was appointed regional development manager. My responsibility includes supporting the development of all new financial security advisors in the region with less than four years experience while working directly with the office's top advisors and firms. My favourite part of this role is helping attract the right candidate into the company and helping them flourish.

The Freedom 55 Financial leadership team is focused on attracting self-motivated, competitive, disciplined individuals who have the ability to build business relationships with a client-focused approach. We have the privilege of working with a professional, client-focused, dedicated group of financial security advisors.

Our management team is focused on attracting self-motivated, competitive, disciplined individuals who have the ability to build business relationships with a client focused approach. We’re looking for achievers who want to offer their clients a full range of financial services products.

Those who chose the career of a financial security advisor, are attracted to Freedom 55 Financial for many reasons, including:

  • The training
  • Depth and breadth of products and service
  • Support

This career offers the opportunity to build a business with a stable company that provides competitive compensation, up-to-date technology, management support, ongoing support, comprehensive training and life-long learning.

If you thrive on the challenge and freedom that come with building a business that rewards you at every stage then please contact me.

Mike Woods, Regional Director, GTA West

What Mike Woods likes best about a career as a Financial Security Advisor with Freedom 55 Financial.

Getting out of your own way

What is the hold financial advisor from back from accelerating their practice? Mike Woods, Regional Manager with Freedom 55 Financial GTA West shares a perspective.


I have known Mike Woods for 5 plus years and he is a hands on foreward thinking manager of fellow financial advisors. Mike has the necessary expertise of product knowledge, but it is relationship building skills and keeping of others accountable that makes him an asset to any team. I have grown professionally from my involvement with Mike.

Richard Knabenschuh, CFP, RHU, Financial Planner
Freedom 55 Financial
January 24, 2009 - worked directly with Mike at Freedom 55 Financial

I work with others every day trying to help them to define direction in life and achieve their goals. There are two things I have learned in the past five years working with financial advisors. One is that it is an amazing career to grow and really make a difference in the lives of others. Second is who you work with. I have known Mike Woods and worked with him closely for the past three years and can say that he may be one of the most generous, intelligent and energetic people I have known. It’s rare to see someone in business consistently put the welfare of others ahead of their own. If you want a career that has unlimited potential and can really make a difference. Consider being a financial advisor. If you want to work with someone who will truly care about you and your career, call Mike Woods.

Randy Taylor, President
December 10, 2009 - worked with Mike at Freedom 55 Financial